App Embed activation

Using the guide below you can easily activate and verify each theme installation. Feel free to contact us if you need help.
Since December 2024 it is required to activate the App Embed for each theme that you want to use the app for.
If you installed the app prior to that you might be still using our old installation flow. Please contact us if you want to switch to the new version.

1. Open the theme activation guide

You can only activate themes if the app is enabled.

2. Select the theme

The app will be enabled only for themes that you activate. Select the theme and click "Next".

4. Save the theme settings

The activation link from the previous step leads you to the theme settings. Make sure that the App Embed on the left is turned on and click "Save".

5. Verify activation

Clicking "Verify" will make sure you have completed the previous steps.

6. Check the result

At this point the App Embed is activated for the selected theme. It is important to open your store now and check if you see the desired effect.
If you install on a draft theme - make sure to open the theme preview mode.
Go to your product page and check the effect:

7. If you see no effect

If you still see no effect at this point - check the other guide below:
Last modified 2mo ago